About Us

Who is One Roof Shop?
Oneroofshop.com is a web online store and has been helping fashion according to the latest trends.
What We Wanna Do?

This site designed to  allow you  to get a great deal on items and You get a great deal on some awesome items for your home or business. 

We had 3 things in mind before launching this website:
a) Great product
b) Great Quality 
c) Great Deal
We think we've hit on all 3 counts and hope you enjoy the savings and continue to support One Roof Shop as a unique family-owned & operated a business that's more than just another Web online Store. 
About our Team:

Toughness: No matter what happens, just be optimistic and keep moving on under stress.
Responsibility: Be responsible at any time.
Pragmatist: Walk the walk.
Integrity: Be upright and honest is the most important principle for anyone.
Passion: Follow your heart, keep enthusiastic.
Fun: Be funny and humorous. Work happily with others.
Curiosity: Keep curious about the world.